The Sidney Prize and the Sidney Taylor Manuscript Awards

Sydney Prize is an award that recognises outstanding undergraduate writing in English. The winner receives a $3,000 cash prize and their work is published in AJL. The competition is open to all undergraduate students regardless of their major or minor. It is also possible for writers who have not previously had their work published to enter the contest. The prize is named after the English professor Sidney Cox, who authored a guide for aspiring writers.

Patrisse Cullors, the founder of the human rights movement Black Lives Matter, has won this year’s Sydney peace prize. The prize honours a nominee who promotes “peace with justice” and human rights. Previous winners have included Julian Burnside and Noam Chomsky.

The Sydney prize is one of the highest prizes awarded by Overland. The winning short story is published in Overland and online, and the judges select a long list of runners-up to publish as well. This competition is open to all Australians, and is supported by the Neilma Sydney Foundation.

A scholarship is available for women wishing to pursue a career in engineering. The winner will be able to take advantage of an exclusive opportunity to learn from leading engineers and build on their own skills in the field. This will enable them to make their mark in the industry and become a successful engineer themselves.

This is an annual award given by the Hillman Foundation to journalists, writers and public figures who seek social justice and public policy for the common good. It is presented for work that is “profound, insightful and courageous in the pursuit of truth”.

It was established by a gift from the estate of the late Sidney Wertheimer. This prize is awarded for journalism in the print, broadcast and online media. It is for those who illuminate the great issues of our time – from the search for a basis for lasting peace to the struggle for better housing, medical care and employment security, to the promotion of civil liberties and democracy, and to the fight against discrimination based on race, nationality or religion.

The Sidney Taylor Manuscript Awards have been offered since 1986 and are the most prestigious undergraduate literary awards in Australia. The committee looks at the quality of a manuscript, rather than its current state of completion, and the book must show a high degree of originality and integrity. The seal of the Sydney Taylor Manuscript Awards is recognised as a mark of excellence in publishing, and several books that have won the award have subsequently been published.

The Neilma Sydney Short Story Prize is a competition for Australian short stories that is run by Overland magazine and the Neilma Sydney Foundation. The prize is worth $5,000 and the winner will be published in Overland magazine and online. The judges are Laura Elvery, Paige Clark and Michael Winkler. In addition to the main prize, there are three runner-ups who will be published as well. Those who wish to enter the competition must take out a new subscription to Overland at the special subscriber rate before the close of submissions on 31 July 2022.