Sydney’s Natural Lungs

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The rock pools nestled between the sand and rocks at the edge of Sydney’s beaches have been enjoyed by locals for generations. With 30 between Palm Beach and Cronulla and over 40 harbour pools, they are a much-loved feature of the city’s landscape and an ideal alternative to overcrowded beaches. Known as Sydney’s natural lungs, they are popular with locals and tourists alike.

However, a tragic accident involving these unique pools has sparked a renewed debate about their future. Last week, the pool at North Narrabeen was closed after a toxic chemical mix leaked into the water. Firefighters in full hazmat gear entered the facility to dilute the chemicals and ventilate it. The incident was captured on video and is now the subject of a police investigation.

Ocean pools are swimming pools built into rock at the edge of a beach. They were popularised in the interwar years when unemployment relief schemes provided funds to help less affluent coastal communities build their own ocean pools. The pools were sometimes formalised into bathing enclosures, like the Bronte Baths in New South Wales and more informal ring-of-rocks swimming spots, such as the Bogey Hole at Bronte Beach.

While some sdy pools have been closed following the accident, others are still open for public use. However, they are in need of significant upgrades and many are overcrowded. Mayor Cronulla Ray Moore has stepped up to push for improvements, and has commissioned plans from the ABA-designed Pirrama Park in Pyrmont and Beare Park in Elizabeth Bay. He wants the city’s sdy pools to be “a real place for people to enjoy, not just a swimming hole”.

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