Singapore Pools Announces New Guidelines For Water Quality Management

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Singapore Pools is a company that operates lottery games in Singapore. It has partnered with Oracle to improve the visibility of its operations through iShine Cloud, a suite of business intelligence and analytics tools. The partnership has allowed the company to provide better customer service and increase its business agility. The system will be deployed over the next 18 months and is expected to be in production by early 2020.

As part of its commitment to the safety and security of its customers, Singapore Pools is implementing a new risk-based approach to water quality management. It will require all water outlets in its facilities to test for microbial levels on a weekly basis, starting from October 2018. Water outlets that fail to meet the set standards may be closed for public use until tests are passed.

The new guidelines will also require all outlets to implement risk-based monitoring of water and ensure that their staff are trained in best practices for safe water use. They will also be required to follow the recommendations of the SGWater and Singapore Environment Council on how to reduce water usage and improve water conservation.

Singapore Pools will also require all outlets to have NSF/ANSI 50 certified equipment or approved alternatives that meet the same requirements. The new rules are designed to address health and safety concerns and minimize the potential for pool leaks.

In addition, the new guidelines will require all outlets to have a system that prevents the use of non-compliant chemical products. This will be done by requiring the use of chemicals that are registered with the Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA). This way, the WPCA can track all chemicals that have been used in the pools and ensure compliance. This will also help to minimize the risk of pool contamination from illegal substances. This will also help to reduce the need for untreated waste water to be discharged into public drains and sewerage systems.